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Amore Mamma Mia.

Luuucky you—- two posts in two days!

This is just a little shout out to all those mothers or those that know one. On Mother’s Day I immediately think of my mom forgetting for a moment that I am actually mom to someone (or some three) . (Something that sounds terrifying in and of itself.)


The important thing for me to remember when I’m feeling like “wait–WTF- I’m responsible for these tiny humans??”  –and I’m really just winging it every day,  is how many amazing mentors I have around me. I have had the most influential grandmothers, and do have the most vibrant and loving Aunts, cousins, mother in-law and sister in-law and friends—and they are ALL the most amazing women/people to me. Some moms, some not. I am inspired by all of you. Truly. (Even that one mom out there, of someone very special to me, who I will never understand. On this day, I will say that even you on some level have an inspiring quality. Man, that was hard to say. Don’t worry, she doesn’t read this :)  Too much? I digress….)


Anyway, this is just a big hug to all of those women who have picked me up, kept me going, laughing and learning — and continue to do so, so effortlessly.


As Mother’s Day approaches, I have to give the biggest love to my own Mama. Seriously, what a gal. When you are a parent to youngsters it is hard not to think of your childhood referencing everything with, my mom didn’t do that, what would my mom have done…we totally did that all the time, blah blah; constantly comparing and using your youth experience as a  pretty constant guideline. The emotional state that most stands out to me is how I looked up to my mom – and still do. If my children could look back at me the way I look at and back at my mother/childhood— even in the slightest way, I will consider my life’s mission slam dunked.


As my mom grew up a Navy Brat and the fifth of five children, I LIVE for stories from her childhood.  With tales of living all over, her memories of living in Cuba on Guantanamo Bay Naval Base are my favorite. She and my grandmother used to hide peanut butter in her housekeeper Ophelia’s hair-do so Ophelia could take food home to her family. My mom had a horse named Buckskin and was always outside playing with animals and in the mud.  I love hearing the stories of my grandparents getting dolled up for a night on the town. My grandmother never wore much makeup, but when the time came to step it up to step out, she wore a little Vaseline dabbed on her long, dark lashes to accent her beautiful round baby blues.


When life and change seem overwhelming I often think of a story my grandfather told me once about my grandmother from that time. There were many, many times he would come home from deployment and have a new assignment and report to my grandmother, “Ann, we have to pack up the family, find a home and new schools, doctors, and such for everyone. And we don’t have a lot of time to do this.” My grandmother, with five children (or less, but some on the way), with a task list miles long, would look at him and say, “Oh Jack, another adventure!”  ….I mean, when I think of my own mother’s general, contagious positivity and fun loving spirit, this story beats hard in my heart. What an incredibly awesome trait to have passed along. Here I come life, look out!


My mom is also hilarious. Sometimes it’s intentional, and a lot of the time it’s just her being super cute.


She was telling me a story of a dialogue between she and a friend texting  telling me her friend  “tex mexed her” (as in text messaged).

So- wait–tex mex?…you sure, because that is actually like a cuisine…;) —Yet, it kinda makes a lot of sense. I think she’s on to something.


She references my little psychic lady friend as a Median. It’s not entirely off, but I do correct her that it’s a Medium, like every time :)


She has all kinds of tricks up her sleeve and being a little on the Boho side (she has told me more than once that her generation does not enjoy being referred to as “hippie”), she has aways been a bit ahead of her time in the way of helping the planet. Like, for dinner parties she will fill the water goblets up with ice an hour or so before dinner. The ice melts, so what, everyone loves really cold water—and I actually, personally, prefer no ice. And that job is checked off! THEN, after the dinner party, (this is where it might get weird for you, but cool for me), my mom pours any left over water from the pitcher or goblets into her garden water jug and then uses that to water the plants the next morning. It’s funny, but also, kinda awesome.


To the woman who has been baking her own healthy bread, curdling her own skim milk for low-fat cottage cheese before it existed, toting jalapenos in her purse on any occasion just to have them on hand, impressing on us to always be original and to take things in stride….all while being the most fun human to be around and drop-dead gorgeous to admire. Here’s to you, JGH. You are my hero in every way. You ALWAYS make me smile and innately find that silver lining. That is a true talent. Thank you for always supporting me. xoxo


…And  below, a few little items for some last minute treats for mama—or you— or whatever. I hate that I have to do this, but I feel like I need to amend a beauty review I did on Juice Beauty. Not long after I had purchased the products, I noticed a real break down of the products AND the packaging. Sorry Gwynnie. You have a lot of skills, but not sure this is your best work. I’ll revisit another time!


In turn….I do think women are pretty easy and fun to shop for….I mean, a girl always likes anything makeup, baubles, clothes, spa, candles, soap, towels—I mean, I know I do! My new beauty digs are below if you wanna jump over to Sephora or Amazon for a rush delivery….


All of these are pretty natural and make your skin allll perty….

Tata Harper

Love all of her things. Nice smell and weight. This is a mildly tinted dewy face lotion and this is the face oil. Pick your poison if you don’t want both. Or just indulge and alternate :) Love her packaging too. Also, her lip stuff and just about everything else, like this exfoliating cleanser and mask— rock. Just a wee pricey if you’re buying up the place.


Lune + Aster

(Thanks ET for reco!) Moderately priced for makeup; all vegan products.  This trio is is a fun bronzer, blush and cheek highlight. For any lady. Aaaand these lip quick sticks are smooth and long lasting!


Charlotte Tillbury

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, you show up in my insta feed, I’ll look into you for sure!  Love the Magic Cream. It has all of the good H acid and collagen boost and such in this little dewy lotion. Nice smell, not too loud. This highlighter wand  and eye shadow cream stuff are also dope, but maybe a weird gift for someone (though I would love it :) Her packaging is kinda old-timey seeming, but worth it to me.

Treat yourself (or your bomb mom) right :) xo




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  1. I love this! And I’m so appreciative. And every day I realize how lucky I am to have you

  2. Loving the two posts in two days! And of course your family stories, they make my heart smile ;)

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