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So Fresh and So Spring Clean.

To the naked eye, this little blog spot may not look too different— though I’ve been working away with some handy professionals to make this a wee more user friendly. Now let’s put it to the test.

Really I was getting feedback from folks wanting to comment more freely….woohoo! Bring that on. This way all should be able to see comments and converse a little better. Here’s to making new forum friends for all.

For those of you still “enjoying” the sweater weather (insert eye roll, I’m sure), Spring is just around the corner. You’re almost there! I can hardly believe it, and for the first time in a while, I’m ready for warmer temps. More for the changes it brings. Maybe it’s a mental influence– though I feel there is such truth behind the “spring cleaning” phenomenon. You always hear it, but what does it mean?

There have been “such historical findings” to suggest that the meaning actually comes from a few sources. In short, these origins suggest either the Iranians preforming a practice called “shaking the house” clean in anticipation of the Persian New Year; the Jewish religion preparing for the spring “festival” called Passover (cleaning the house of any “breadcrumbs” in honor of the Israelites’ hasty exit from Egypt), and simply the North American/European folks doing a thorough cleaning of the house in March because that was a good time to open windows while dusting and not letting bugs in. Huh. Who knows! All sound viable to me.

So I’ve caught the bug—purging and organizing. I’ve yet to make it through my kiddos’ rooms. That is a whole ‘nother animal. The youngsters did help purge some toys (white knuckle gripping as we put them in the bin) and helped me donate to those in need. That felt good (well, to me). Maybe the lesson was too soon. TBD.

Other than cleaning house, why not “shake the house” in terms of a little cleanse for your bod and mind. It doesn’t take starvation and juice diets to do it. Let this just be a time to consciously attempt putting in food that has the highest return on investment. Tumeric is the new trend. Endless perks. I had some with cayenne and lemon and water today. Now just awaiting magical things! ;)

And then there’s the cleansing of that noggin of yours. Eat well, rest well, hydrate well—for sure, all good. But it’s that mental noise that can take the biggest toll. I know I’m a broken record on this. This is also where you should maybe do as I say, not as I do. I’m the biggest loser on letting my mind get carried away, alas I’m a work in progress :)

I’ll digress for a moment– Because I can’t “stomach” today’s teeny bopper hits and I feel like I have a little control for a little longer with my kiddos in carseats to control the music, we listen to a nice little selection of “bubble gummy” hits that are just feel good, jolly beats— or just mommy’s very old school personal jams. It’s working for now, but I’m sure as my kids age up they are going to wonder why slumber parties and school dances aren’t playing Rockin’ Robin and Dolly’s 9 to 5. I’ll happily put explanation off until then.

So one of the songs we were recently wiggling to goes something like this “ Here’s a little song I wrote. You might want to sing it note for note….In every life we have some trouble. When you worry, you make it double… Don’t worry…..” Anyone know the next line? “Be Happy.”

“Don’t worry, be happy”, from the genius Bobby McFerrin.

Phew! We as humans tend to complicate things. Let’s not. Deep breaths (and meditation if you can) go a long way for the brain and the soul. Even once a week if you can! Breathe in, breathe out ,out, out. Do it with me. Don’t worry, be Happy. That’s it. Well- Okay that’s not it. We don’t live in fantasy camp, but even taking a minute to listen to the words of a song I’ve known most of my life, made me smile. Life doesn’t have to be so darn heavy. Breathing, walks in the sunshine, pausing often— all awesome. I was also recently reading just to “schedule less”. That seems like an easy enough concept; do the things that matter to you and let the rest take a back seat. This should help you get to know your stressors and then you can work around them. Sounds like something worth giving a try, I’d say.

Perhaps now just start by finding a good podcast (We knocked out West Cork (Murder in Ireland) and Ponzi Supernova (Bernie Madoff doc) this weekend on a road trip. Those were entertaining, if you’re looking) and then purge a junk drawer or the pantry or a closet. Part of Zen living is living simply. What do you really need? (It’s quite possible podcasts don’t fall into Zen mode, but it might help to initially motivate?)

It’s the year of the dog, friends. Good things are out there if you are open to them. According to Chinese law it is the year of lots of promise for those that put forth the good energy (and toss out the bad). Bring on that good juju for all.

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