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Love Hard Today.

Love Hard today. Hallmark says so ;) But really- if nothing else, just feel a little twinkle thinking about someone special— teacher, spouse, parent, pet….just a fun day to feel that appreciation.

Moooooost people have a love/hate with Valentine’s Day. I get it. A day dictating that one has to buy a giant stuffed animal, card or candy for someone? Or else they run the risk of looking lame– or worse –like they forgot? I promise they didn’t. Some folks just aren’t into it. I, myself, I kinda like it. Dating back to the days of making in-class mailboxes and little sh*tty valentines for everyone in your class. Licking those things sealed. Well things have come a long way….Now we are doing full on goody bags and stationary style cards. It’s wild! But I still dig the sentiment of snail mail and love letters, so I’m in. I gave my husband a scooter today.  I care! (xox)

However– the days leading up to today, I gotta say, I’ve been in a little bit of a “sinker”. (This term coined by my awesome Uncle P.) Such a solid term for when you don’t feel that pep in your step, yet you don’t want to use a term like “funk”, “depressed” or “blue” – I vote “sinker”. It makes it feel like even though you are in a little sink pattern, it is only temporary and eventually you will get quickly bobbed to the top again. And knowing THAT is half the battle. I couldn’t really tell what was bringing this on— sometimes this time of year when holiday hooplah is over and the winter weather (my favorite) starts to move on (I don’t think many or any agree with me here) and things to look forward to seem far off in the distance…

I was just kinda dragging and then just gently checked out the moon cycle and OoooH—there it is ;)  I actually was seeing the morning light a little brighter today finally and have been more easy going—way better than the last two days. Turns out tomorrow is the New Moon Phase. So for those who might have been in my fuzzy cloud of gloom, I’ll quickly jot below what the past few days have been moon wise– and what’s shakin’ with the New Moon.

Waning Crescent Phase (last few days)

As far as moon believers go—I’m largely on board that the moon is linked with our emo-levels. If you aren’t a believer, it might be that you just aren’t aware enough;) But I’ll leave you alone about that.

The Waning Crescent moon can be seen just before the New Moon. This is basically a time to reflect on things. Not a time to plan large. This time is linked to emotions—kind of somber ones for most. (Hence perhaps my gloomy past few days.)  This has been said to be a productive time to finish up projects that have been looming. Not to begin fresh ones. (Save that for the new moon phase!)

While pensive about time that has passed, most “lunartics” encourage this to be a time to be revved up about the future and know that the past is the past and happiness is ahead. (They should for SURE hire me to write Penny Saver Horoscopes. Am I right?)

The New Moon Phase (starting Feb. 15th 2018)

The moon will be visible because the side of the moon that we view is now illunimated by the sun.  The New Moon is also known as the Seed Moon because of all the darn exciting energy involved. It is supposed to be a time of new beginnings—“sprouting” – thus “seed”. There are physical effects associated as well— Sleep decreases—but mostly just rising early—(which for some could be a perk!). Appetite increases but so does energy. (Use all of that wisely ;). You may feel timid in large groups, yet creativity and calmness are supposed to be high at this time— so again, take advantage of any lightbulbs that come to you when you are hiding out ;)  Just try to be present of new feelings of intention, acceptance and basically just Doing you Boo. The rest of the month should be cake if you take hold of this new moon and its energy! It’s quite cool.

Soooo—Back to the reason for the season today—Cupid’s birth child. With all the love/hate around Valentine’s Day, I figured I would sign off with the second installment of the Gripes and Likes segment. …..Start with the neg and end on a pos….


**Why is it that I can’t get my lipgloss to stay on through a conversation, yet a bouncer at da club gives me an angry hand-stamp and it lasts two weeks? (hashtag Too old to club.)

**The muggy weather is in these parts and with that– the gnats. (WTF. SAD. FACE.)


**Don’t you just love when you get that order anxiety in a restaurant and then you tell the waiter your request and waiter replies: “excellent choice” (insert jotting down motion). (PS- love when waiters write down orders and not try to commit my crazy a$$ order to memory.)

**For this non-morning-coffee-drinker, hot water with lemon and lime at first wake is doing the trick for me. Feeling peppy and cleansed and alkalined.

**I’ve fallen back into my obsession with vintage photos (as my dynamic grandparents featured here today….Go Eaddy and Lawson circa?……will need to check on this date??). My cousin Peeedro intro’d me to the instagram “history photograhed” a while back and I get so excited (and moved) with each post. Highly recommend.

**Winter Olympic snowboarding. Not a much cooler event than this to watch.  (Huge shout out and healing support to this young competitor. Very scary to watch. We are pulling for you.)

That’s all folks.  Have fun getting your #BEMINE game on. Love yourself and others today. xoox

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  1. Lipgloss!!!! HAHAH and brilliant! Lots of love to you g!

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