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Make Tuesday Terrific Again. With Tacos.

What is a Tuesday without a taco? It’s not a Terrific one, I’ll tell you that.  Typically, when one throws a recipe out there, there should be some sort of scrumptious accompanying image, enticing you along the way. Alas, my quick ink drawing will have to suffice for now as some of my tech is under repair.


Since there are many recipes out there for the traditional pork, chicken and beef tacos—I will be offering a healthier spin for all those super fooder attemptees out there today. (Even though by late Jan. many of the resolution wheels have begun to wiggle free—you can always get back on track ;) I made both of these taco recipes over the weekend and they were pretty darn good. Didn’t even miss the meat or dairy (once you add enough heat and/or topper additions).


Quinoa Terrific Tuesday Taco   So easy to prep—two cups water to one cup quinoa on the stove top is enough to feed a small army. Cooks quickly and is a super healthy and very compatible transport for most any veggie. For this to be my “meat” filler in a taco, I add chopped spring onions, black beans, red bell peppers. Add a little olive oil, cumin, curry, chili powder, salt and lime squeeze… Delish.

(For both this quinoa and the mushroom option below, pile high with whatever else you would on your Tuesday taco; chopped lettuce, coleslaw (cabbage, yogurt, lemon, hot sauce, etc.), jalapenos, raw onions & cilantro, guac? (And I always do a little yogurt/Sriracha/lime juice mixture on top to cancel out any cheese or sour cream craving.)


Black Bean & Mushroom Terrific Tuesday Taco   Whatever (organic) mushroom I can find, quickly chopped and sautéed with chopped onions and garlic and olive oil. (Add cumin, curry, chili powder and heat of your preference.) Drained black beans can be added toward the end. They are not necessary, but can mellow out any mushroom taste that is too loud. Then get yer toppings on.


Hard shells are always a treat, though they do make other healthier gluten-free soft shells too. For a quick and authentic and perfectly moisturized (because I refuse to use the word moist) soft shell, wrap 3-4 corn tortillas in a (preferably chemical free) paper towel top to bottom. Dampen the top with water. Heat in microwave for 1.5 minutes.


The good news (in my humble opinion) for both of these pleasers is that you don’t have to feel guilty heading back for more. Half the fun is the taco assembly line. So treat yourself right tonight. Taco train or bust!

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  1. Love that you didn’t use the "M" word! These sound delish!



  2. Feels like you sold your coleslaw a little short on this one/ it’s my favorite part! Xox Mo

  3. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I
    will be waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

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