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The Divine Wine.

In honor of the crisis in Napa Valley and surrounding areas, I want to send out prayers and refuge to those enduring this scary and difficult time.

Below is a wine post crafted throughout the summer. To our beloved wine country, we know you will stay strong.


As previously mentioned, I’ve been doing some investigative sipping. This summer has been dedicated to finding wines that result in the most bearable next day “fuzz and fog”. As I’ve discovered I’m not alone; either with age or the current grape-bottling process, it’s possible that an allergy has crept in and severely hindered one of my most favorite pleasures– The vino. Alas, I am no quitter. Instead, I’ve just been diligent in keeping a journal of what wines “work” and for sure which ones ain’t.

Of course, all folks are created uniquely, so what works for me may not work for you– though feel free to use me as your “amber alert” tester, as I’ve become quite sensitive.

Like my rule with white jeans, there is no rule. I rock them all year long, and same with my consumption of red wine. I’m not a “switch to rose’ and chardonnay in the summer” kind of gal. My red wine devotion stays true 365. However, I have included in my review some whites and rose’ splashes that I dig on occasion.

All wines listed are the ones that I will keep on keepin’ on. And a few busts at the tail end.

Drum roll please…

Let’s be fREDds: (These reds can be found at (our) nearest market (decently priced) and have been the most kind-ish.  In no particular order.)

·      Andrew Peace- cabernet 2016

·      Queens Peak- cabernet 2014

·      Murphy Goode- pinot noir 2014

·      Gascon- Malbec 2014

·      La Crema- pinot noir 2014

·      Storyteller- pinot noir 2011

·      Layer Cake- Malbec 2015

·      A to Z (Oregon)- pinot noir 2014

Treat yourself right: (bolder, pricier, special occasion red; minimal next-day repercussion except to wallet :)

·      Silver Oak- cabernet 2012

·      Caymus- cabernet 2014

As I said, I’m a hardcore red wine devotee. But on occasion I’ve been known to spring into action with a Rose’ or Sauvignon Blanc (“Savvy B”, if you will).

I’m not into Chardonnay, but I can quickly rattle off the names of some very special peeps in my life that are die-hard Chardonnay drinkers. I’ve noticed a pattern with these folks and it always make me smile. They are the most brand loyal, devoted drinkers to their drink. They do not waiver. In fact, speaking of die-hard, one of them, my fabulous father in law, has requested a Chardonnay drip placed ever so elegantly above his regal tombstone when his time comes. That is true love. (Shout out, Myron!)

My husband on the other hand asks me to meet him at the bar and to please order him “something”….He is the most unpredictable sipper. He ordered a Manhattan once because we were in Manhattan (awkwarrrd). True Story.  I act like it frustrates me because I don’t know where to begin when ordering him “something”, but I secretly kinda like his surprise, easy-breezy style.

So- for whites, my only rules are that it has to be super cold and super clear. No color to it. I love Sancerre usually, but it appears I didn’t get my hands on any this summer at home as far as my journal records go. (I mean, what kind of life am I even living, people?!) Will work on finding a crowd pleaser. For now, here’s my scoop:

White wine delights: (grocery store price friendly, easy to sip—the colder the crisper ;)

Nobilo- sauvignon blanc 2016

Sean Minor Four Bears- sauvignon blanc 2015

Three cheers for the Pink Drink: (Sometimes you just gotta live that yacht life.)

Whispering Angel- rose’ 2013

Miraval- Cote De Provence 2016

And I hate to say it, but these left me feeling mega rough the next day. I’m not axing them completely, but—you hurt me once, I have my eye on you….

Sour Gripes: (While easy to find in your local market, these are on strict pause for moi.)

Meomi- pinot noir  2014 (despite countless attempts)

Mark West- black label pinot noir 2016

Mercer Canyon-cabernet 2013

My cousins (thanks CAMP & Mo!) told me about a few items of interest:

*The Ullo Purifier– A system/device that removes toxins and sulfites from wine. I spoke to the company about letting me give it a go, and they are sending me one to test. More on that soon!

*Dry Farms Wine – It’s a natural, organic focused wine club. I love this concept (and logo!), and am interested in exploring it. The consumption rate at our house might be a little swift for something like this, but as I said, I’m on it and will report back to you :)


Here’s to you and enjoying whatever it is that speaks to you in the happiest of hours.

And most importantly, sending strength and comfort to our Northern California neighbors. Much love to you all.

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