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Vitamin T.

As it’s difficult for me to admit out loud, I’m afraid I’m fast approaching the need to limit my wine intake. (Note: I did not say terminate.) To be clear (and pardon the double negative), this is not because I’m no longer getting more intelligent, twinkly and charming with every enchanting sip. Oh, I assure you, I am. But even after two measly glasses (one to cook, one to dine), my mornings greet me with a pounding, fuzzy headache. A possible contributor to this is that since pregnancy, allergies of all types (sadly –gasp– mostly wine) are fierce. Turns out wine is basically mold/fermentation, so if you have even the slightest dust allergy, you’re basically toast after one glass of moldy grapes. It didn’t used to be this way. Is it age? Is it geography? Is it more preservative/sulfite junk being added to our beloved vino? Whatever it is, please make it stop.  A glass of red wine is a chart topper of highlights for my evenings after surviving the witching hour. I’m basically begging.

I’m told there are wines out there that would prove kinder to my aging, lame, light-weight, needy system, so I’m all over some active research. Join me anytime, if interested. I will be offering a late summer report on my findings. So far, one of my winners was served to me on an airplane– in a plastic cup. Apologies to my late Grandfather Captain Jack for the plastic cup disgrace.

In the meantime, as I am in the throes of my “research” phase, I wanted to share– in my opinion– the best alternative, or just perfect cocktail: VITAMIN T, aka Tequila. (High-five KEW for the nickname.) Now, I know I’m not new to the trend on suggesting this.  I just feel like it deserves a little shout-out. While I can’t back all of the alleged health bennies, I do think they are worth mentioning for your own follow up research. As many of you know, there is a huge variety of tequilas out there for your enjoyment. Of course until I had a real paycheck, I didn’t know that all tequila wasn’t dark with a worm and made you mean as hell.

I’m going to speak to the blanco tequilas (because I’ve upgraded and so should you). Blanco tequilas are the most pure form of agave (typically 100% agave). One of the most clean of all boozes. One “specialist” called it “less invasive thus no hangover” which I thought was an amusing and aggressively promising statement. Editors note: repasados and añejos are good quality (and tasty) too, but a lot of times can be mixed with other sugars and liquors as the agave is more aged. They are just said not to be as “clean”, from what I’ve been told.

Back to blanco: Blanco tequila is gluten free, if you care. It has also has been *alleged* to be a probiotic, prebiotic and wait for it—metabolism booster. My mom even suggests having a teaspoon at lunch time to keep your body revved! I like her style.  I’ve always heard that tequila is the only hooch that isn’t considered a “downer” as most alcohols are. And you know what, despite that I have read some back and forth on all of these health claims, I’m gonna keep on believing all of it because the mental game is half the battle.

Whether you believe the digestive perks or not, blanco tequila is a clean alcohol and that alone is a more manageable hangover option than for instance a dark, bottom shelf tequila which is mostly corn syrup and containing a bunch of hard-to-pronounce additives. (In moderation, blah, blah, blah.) At our pad, the summer draaank of choice has been blanco tequila with water, a handful of limes and lots of ice.  Referred to as a version of the “ranch water” cocktail by some, it tastes like a smooth vacation in every sip.

The hubs and I have been sampling blancos for the last few months and below are our top three winners (thus far):

Olmeca Altos (blanco)– The smoothest I’ve tasted to date. Perfect with just ice! Beautiful packaging.

Casamigos Blanco– My favorite bottle. It looks like it belongs in a surfer tiki hut upon a bamboo bar. Very smooth. And I loved it before I knew it was George Clooney’s brand!

Kah (blanco)– Handpainted skull bottles make for a sweet gift. Great taste: bonus.

…And some tequila related fun facts:

*Margarita is the Spanish word for “daisy”.

*George Clooney sold his tequila brand Casamigos to Diageo (the owner of Johnnie Walker and other liquors) for like $1 billion. Whew—- so glad that guy could finally find a stroke of luck. ;)

Happy sipping! ….One tequila, two tequila, three tequila—>  floor.

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  1. I’m all about tequila! And am also trying to say a slow, sad goodbye to wine (very slow). Check out ullo wine purifier. I think they’re onto something and it has helped some. On another note, my investment club bought Diageo after I pitched it so I loved the call out!
    Loving your gnotes G!

  2. Haven’t had tequila since college… guess I’m gonna have to give it another try :) love reading these!

  3. Te-Kill-Ya that doesn’t make you mean!?! I’m in. Thank you for doing the active research on both the tequila and wine (looking forward to the vino report). I’ll drink to that :)

  4. Love your willingness to give it another go! I’m so appreciative of your response to a little gentle cocktail arm-twist :)

  5. Well I should have known any investment crew you are a part of would be nailing it! So cool. Will for SURE check out the ullo! Thank you so much! Stay tuned! Miss you. xox

  6. You are one of my fave food and beverage buddies! I love all of your feedback! Let me know if you have and reco’s on the wine! Hope the blanco treats ya right. xo

  7. Thirty plus years ago half a Margarita gave me the most violent headache, so haven’t touched tequila since. This makes me want to give Vitamin T another try! Ahh, Captain Jack and a plastic wine cup…he’d say, "Garrett have you no couth?" But, due to circumstances, maybe said good naturedly.

  8. Nice pick on the Altos and great reco with ice, water and lime – so good! My younger self never thought I’d go back to tequila, now I’m a Vitamin T convert.

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