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In with the Old!

This summer I got to know my audience here….so thank you loyal followers….and most especially–loyal drinkers.  The Tequila post in July gained many a comment. That added benefit that drinking tequila was actually “gooood” for you and your metabolism and sanity and such, really sunk in with folks. Who doesn’t like to be told that one of your guilty pleasures is actually beneficial? (Spending money is giving back to the economy! Eating dessert helps digestion (so my grandmother used to say ;), Reading celebrity magazines is still reading– and good for the brain! Wine can lower blood pressure….and so on–( ps—these are mostly stretches).


While I’m not telling you just what to do, I’m heavily suggesting you try the Anejo tequila.  Anjeo means “old” and I’m saying “In with the Old”!  (Thanks to pals CH and MJM for showing me the way of the worm on this.) I’m into it.


Here’s the downside—the price. It’s smoother and more complex in flavor (I feel sophisticated stating comments like this), and you’re gonna pay for that. But not in the hangover way (hopefully), so that’s a bonus, right?


Your blanco tequila is more bold—“flavor upfront” , as they say in the distilling and bev biz. Anejo is more subtle in getting to you, mellow, if I dare say. And, while pricey, a little goes a long way. I was sipping mine the other evening with water and lots of lime and ice. It was lasting, satisfying with a gentle little euphoric tingle. Nothing overwhelming like sometimes I (ahem…used to) do with a stiff vodka drink. (eeeewww vodka….juuuuuust kidding. No real booze discrimination here. I even enjoyed a gin drink over the holidays which I never thought would happen.)


Anejo is also quite delicious as a shot if you have that kind of loose change rattling around in your handbag. You don’t even need the salt and lime accoutrements — even though that three step lick, slam, suck process can certainly make you feel young and fun again.


Suggestions below for your upcoming (pre-Valentine’s Day?) celebration. Or just treat yourself right on any school night. We endured like 13 full moons last month. Whew! You deserve this. (Seriously we oddly had 2 full moons last month. WTF?)

Patrón Anejo– Something about this brand just makes me feel like “I’m home.” It’s always the first brand I experiment with for different flavors and the bottle gives me comfort. It’s a solid choice. The flavor is there, but not too in yo face.

Herradura Anejo–  This website is beautiful and you can tell they take some massive pride in their work. Not to mention touting their World’s Most Gold Medal-Awarded Tequila! The flavor was the boldest in my opinion, but still smoooooth operator enough to remind you that you’re drinking something really fine ;)

Don Julio Claro Anejo or Just Anejo– So the Claro is an anniversary bottle they made and someone gifted this to my hubs for his bday and it is deeeeelish. Soo light and fine and just feels kinda magical in every pull from the glass. I don’t know if they will continue the Claro, but I’m willing to bet the Anejo is just as fabulous a way to go!


For your added enjoyment, I just texted my Dad about a delicious tequila drink “set up” he taught us after he returned from a work trip in Mexico City many years ago. Text exchange went down like this:

  • Me: Hey Dad- What was that tequila shot you picked up in Mexico City? The tomato juice shot one. So good. xo
  • Dad: Season the tomato juice like you would a Bloody Mary. Chew a lime at the right time!

Love that guy. This made me smile big time.

From what I recall you have pretty little clear tequila shots and pretty even littler shots of yummy tomato juice (add woost. or hot sauce, etc.) and lime slices (all on a pretty little tray for wow factor). Shout something fun and festive, shoot tequila, shoot the juice – then take Boo’s advice on the lime!  Shoot, shoot, chew!

….. (Obviously, don’t need to remind you that moderation is key…..So– I drink a liiiiittle of this…..and then a liiiiittle of that…..just kidding. Sort of. )

Some tequila bennies below before you go—(some reminders, some new):

·      After a meal, drinking 100% blue agave (Blanco, Anejo, Reposado) can serve as the perfect digestif (aiding in digestion and growing of good bacteria).

·      Tequila can serve as a prebiotic. Helping to form good bacteria in the gut AND nourish the existing good bacteria.

·      The agave plant “spikes” (pun intended) the tequila with fructons. Foods with fructons can help the body absorb important calcium nutrients (osteoporosis preventing?) AND help boost the count of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli (associated with the goods in probiotics).

·      Agavins (sugars in tequila) can help boost metabolism and weight loss. (Though avoid Agave syrup (do honey or other healthy sweeteners) because of the high fructose counts that can surge blood sugar.) Agavins lower blood sugar levels and can keep you fuller longer. How ‘bout that!

So, again, sorry about the $$ price $$, but can you match the benefits of your other booze with these? Food/bev is medicine, friends. Get your ‘scrip on! Sip-worthy tequila is doin’ its thing nicely.

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  1. Great one g! “Chew at the right time”, just a classic line from Dad!

  2. I shouldn’t read these in the morning- makes me want to experiment before cocktail hour;)❤️❤️❤️

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